what’s on my table

When I set out to participate in Me Made May this year I realized that I’d either A: need to show up re-wearing some of the same me made articles more than would truly be ideal, or B: need to sew up a few new pieces during the month. In favor of the latter, I’m working on something new this week! I’m using a pattern from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing,  a book which is quickly shaping up to be my favorite project book of all time. I’m excited to share the finished item with you in a future Me Made round-up, and today I’ve got a couple images of the work in progress.preview-vintagezip

I’m using fabric and a zip that I thrifted for about $5 and 25¢ respectively. My thrifted fabrics have turned out some mixed project results, but I’m pretty excited about this one. preview-fabric

The fabric has a bit of stretch in both directions and is thick and plushy, almost like a sweatshirt knit when squished between the fingers. However, it looks like a mid-weight woven, with a smooth back and slightly nubby face. Nevertheless, it took those pleats like a champ! I’m sure I don’t need to pink the edges for functionality, but I did because I like the look of it. So, I think this might be ponte? I’ve been seeing so much about that fabric of late, and if this is ponte, well I can completely understand why folks love the stuff! I think this may turn out to be one of those rare garments that allows a girl to be both outrageously comfortable yet still look pulled together and, dare I say it, chic! We shall see… preview-vintage zip-close up1

Don’t you want to take a closer look at the cute packaging of this vintage zip? I thought you might.preview-vintage zip-close up2 Adorable, non? Oui!


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