what’s on my table

Yesterday I made a quick stop by JoAnn’s (which is, fortunately or unfortunately, my local store for apparel fabrics) to pick up some extra thread for the project I’m working on: A denim version of Grainline’s Maritime Shorts. Well, I’ve called it denim though it is really a sort of mystery fabric. It’s a heavy denim or almost canvas weight, but the surface is slightly fuzzy and pretty soft, with tiny little whales like you might find in corduroy. At any rate, I got it for $1.99 at the thrift store and was just able to squeeze all the pattern pieces out of it, save for the pocket linings and fly shield. Those I cut out of a pretty floral fabric. Another thrift store acquisition, this floral fabric is perhaps a rayon? I really don’t know what, but it’s so soft!


I tried these on the other night to check the fit and was so into the soft, silky feel of these pockets! Despite the fabric’s softness it’s actually a heavier weight than most of the pocket linings in my ready to wear jeans, so I think it should hold up well with the wearing. Yay! I’m way less thrilled with my seam finishings, all hanging out in these photos. I keep eyeing the fairly inexpensive and well reviewed Brother 1034D serger, because I’m fairly well convinced that I won’t be able to do much neater finishings without one. However, since I’m still fairly new at sewing I’m challenging myself to experiment with various finishing options to try and get adept at these, investing in my sewing skills before a serger, I guess.


This is the second time in the last few weeks that I’ve had to stop sewing (which I typically do at night) and put the project on hold until I have the time to run out to the fabric store for something I’ll need to continue. I can’t say I haven’t been warned against this by nearly every sewing book or blog I’ve ever read, so what can I say? Suppose I like to live and learn. I’ve also been working with a double needle for the first time to do some topstitching (so easy! such awesome results!), and this does use up a lot more thread than I anticipated. Nevertheless, I think I’d like to work on developing more of a planning strategy for my projects. Right now I’ve got more of a grab and go approach, which is fun, until it’s frustrating!  Well, now I’m pretty sure I’ve got all I need to finish these up, and I’ll be back soon with the results!


and so it begins…

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