Sound & Vision: Summertime Rolls

July Mood Board_5_sewstylist.wordpress.comJuly Mood

California is synonymous with summertime. Ironically, my section of the state doesn’t get much in the way of a summer season. (Though, as I’ve written about earlier, this year has been uniquely lovely.) Never mind the weather, this time of year I’m thinking about slowing down, warming up, swimming, sandals, picnics, road trips, bonfires, getting lost, finding something new, and making out under the moonlight. This month’s mood board and music explore what all that looks and feels like for me. And what about you? What does summertime inspire you to do?

July Mood

July Mood

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music for: Lovers

Follow Your HeartThis month I’ve put together another playlist full of the music I’m loving right now. It’s Music for Lovers, and I offer it up along with the gentle reminder that love is something you can (and should!) send in all  directions, not just toward a romantic partner. I hope you enjoy some of this music as much as I do. Listen while doing or being with someone or something you love! xo.ebony

Happy New Year!

I hope 2013 came to a happy ending for you!

The last year was a wild one, full of many surprises, some more welcomed than others. But you know what they say? All’s well that ends well.

I’ve been on an extended blogging break as I dealt with illness, finished graduate school, moved back to the Bay Area, and found a new job! I’ve also been quietly brewing up some new ideas that I look forward to sharing with you here, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I’ve put together this playlist featuring some music I’ve been enjoying lately. I listen to these tracks when I’m starting my day, and I find they help things get off to a good start. I hope they’ll do the same for you!