trying something new: Experiments in Pattern Draping

Draped Bodice 2

This week I started taking a Pattern Draping night class at City College of San Francisco. Draping is something I’ve wanted to learn more about and experiment with for years, and I’m so excited to finally have the time and opportunity to try it!

Draping a Fitted Bodice Notes

This week we learned how to drape a fitted bodice front. I think next week we’ll draft  the back bodice and learn to transfer our draping to a flat pattern. I’ve done a few experiments in flat pattern drafting in the past, but I’m not much of a math person. Draping appeals much more to my desire to get hands on and see what happens.

 step one                step two

One of my favorite moments of the sewing experience is when the flat swathes of fabric start coming together and looking like a garment. With draping, your muslin starts looking garment-like almost immediately. Let’s give it up for instant gratification!

Draped Bodice

If any of you have been looking to try your hand at draping, you’re in luck: My instructor, Paul Gallo, has two courses on Craftsy where he teaches everything we’re learning in class. In fact, he’s recommended that we students download the class because the camera has a front row seat to all the action, and it’s easier to actually see what he’s doing than it is in our lecture classroom. Paul has years of experience and a really generous, comprehensive teaching style, all of which I can only imagine translates just as well to video.


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